Hey, I’m Clare, mum to two beautiful girls. 

Please browse my site to learn about how you can use essential oils for family wellness and to stay happy and healthy, whilst immersed in one of the hardest, but most satisfying, jobs in the world, that of #beingmum!

bookI use essential oils for everything, from first aid for the family to chemical free cleaning. I share lots of ‘how to’s’ and ideas I blog.  Check it out here.  My story with essential oils began when my first daughter, Eden, was born with serious gut issues.  You can read about that here.  To discover how you can build a natural and effective toolbox for first aid, common childhood complaints like teething and for chemical free living,  click here!

To browse my Apothecary of ready-made natural products, click here.

Essential Oils have not only made a big difference to our physical health as a family, but also to my emotions!  I have suffered with anxiety for many years and experienced post natal depression with my first daughter Eden.  #Beingmum is a rollercoaster of emotions and emotional aromatherapy can help you cope on a day to day basis and support recovery.  To discover emotional aromatherapy click here.


As well as being a lover of essential oils and the natural life I am also a Certified Life Coach.  I coach other entrepreneurial mums and mums who are feeling challenged:
  • In overwhelm and/or feeling stressed
  • Feeling guilt or frustration
  • Lacking mindfulness and focus
  • Facing challenges, like going back to work
  • Tired of living on autopilot or constantly multitasking
  • Feeling like not giving 100% to any one thing, including children
  • Inspired that that there is something else outside of #beingmum.

work with me

Out of my experience working closely with mums I have developed a set of pre-diluted and ready to use rollerballs to support mums each time we:

  • Lose our calm
  • Lack energy or motivation
  • Feel low
  • Get run down
  • Worry, or struggle to evict the growing to do list from our busy minds

Browse my Roll Easy System here!

new range


For an Ultimate 8 Week Experience of coaching and essential oils that guides you away from overwhelm and exhaustion, removes the clutter in your mental and physical space, and works on your fears and limiting beliefs, click here! Or


Rhianon… On Essential Mum!

“Essential Mum is so multi-faceted that you could call it a diamond! My journey started with a simple run down of how to use essential oils in every day life, which I left with a tiny bottle of peppermint oil, and determination to rid snails from my veggie garden.
With two kids, I felt a touch overwhelmed with the endless uses of the oils, but Clare made it simple for me – pre-made rollerballs, balms and lotions for nearly everything. I love knowing they are safe for my kids and super effective (with zero effort on my part!)
The real heart of all this is Clare. She is so generous with her time, energy and spirit. Her workshops have been so informative and helpful in very practical ways. I also got a lot out of coaching – Clare was supportive, insightful and patient. She celebrated my successes and empathised gently with the hard stuff. And the plan for helping me calm down actually worked!
The thing I love best about Essential Mum is it’s just so real. Clare is as genuine as they come, the products speak for themselves, and it’s so easy to integrate into everyday essential mum life.
Thanks Clare!”

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2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hi Claire I would live to know more about Doterra and how it can help my family. I have 3young kids and their health and happiness is my main priority. I’ve heard great things about Doterra and suppose I am looking for someone close to me to show me the ropes. I’m not sure where you’re based but any info would be appreciated. Cheers


    • Hey Clarice!
      Thanks for your message – I can totally show you the ropes! I am going to send you an email with some basic info inside 🙂
      I’m based in Beachlands, but work from Pakuranga as well. x


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