Can we get a hooray for the Auckland Paua Clinic?


I would like to say a very warm and heartfelt thank you to the South Pacific College of Natural Medicine.

I was introduced to them by my midwife a few months ago when I was struggling through a few health issues. She recommended the service of their third year Naturopaths, offered at a really reasonable price of $30 for an adult with free follow up. The service is completely free for under 6’s.

I had nothing to lose and thought I would see if they could be of support to me and Eden. I haven’t been disappointed. We have been looked after so well and I would recommend that if you are on your natural health journey,and yet to check in with a naturopath, give these guys a go!

They have taken a truly holistic approach to Eden and I’s health and well-being, recommending not only herbal remedies, Bach flowers and probiotics, but recipes/ways to improve our gut health, ways to build a support network socially as we approach the birth of the new baby and ways for me to relax through a psychologically stressful and challenging time with mindfulness and meditation. They have also filled in a couple of the final blanks with Eden’s gut and made some recommendations from which we are already seeing improvements!

Katie, our Naturopath, has not only offered her expertise, but her ear to my thoughts and worries, her experience as a mum as well as a naturopath and her friendship.

It is a wonderful service that the Paua clinic is offering, especially for mums because the cost of choosing natural health alternatives can sometimes weigh heavy; difficult when you know it is the better alternative and in this way the Paua Clinic is such a great thing and so well run and presented.

I’ll leave you with some pictures of Eden enjoying their beautiful gardens where we chatted with some snails and sniffed some herbs and drank some chamomile tea.

IMAG1389 IMAG1387 IMAG1386

For more information on the clinic, please visit their website:

I know they are very keen for more pregnant women to use their service, so if you have a bubs on the way, get along and try them out!

Much love x


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