Ponderings of a Sleepless Mum


It feels so surreal that in just a few weeks I will be holding a new baby in my arms.

So many different emotions are swimming around my head and heart – excitement, trepidation, love. Will it be like taking the same journey we had with Eden over again? Or will it be a totally new journey? How do you let that existing, beautiful connection go, just a little bit, to let another one in; to your heart where they bury so deeply?

I will never forget those first few days with Eden when I felt my heart would burst. How could I ever love anything more than this? And then I do, daily… Is there room for more love like this? Instinct tells me there is.

Journey is such a perfect word for motherhood – the ups, the downs, the speedbumps, the learnings and the extensive distance traveled from when you see that line on the pregnancy test, to when you hold that baby in your arms, to all the other massive milestones that follow – first steps, first words, first signs of their beautiful personalities shining through. They find yourselves, but you also find/become you. You definitely lose you on the way through as you discover what it means to be someone’s mother and you have moments when perhaps you wish you weren’t because it’s so so challenging… But you would never change a thing…

“Embrace Motherhood”, I definitely will, I already do ❤


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