How to Save $ on Essential Oils

There are many ways to save when you buy dōTERRA’s essential oils. You can always buy as a Retail Customer at full retail price, however, there is the option to open a Wholesale Account or become a Preferred Member, which I would like to share with you now.

I always recommend the Wholesale Account to buyers, as the benefits speak for themselves, especially when you make more than one or two purchases a year, or even buy more than a couple of oils at one time!  You can also join a Loyalty Rewards Programme where the returns really start to add up:


There is no minimum monthly or yearly sales commitment when you sign up to a Wholesale Account, (but it does open up the option to those that want to want to run dōTERRA as a business).

The cost of the Wholesale Account is US$35 (about NZ$50).  You pay this on top of your first order and you get 25% off products (unless you buy one of the enrollment kits where the fee is waived).

Once you open your Wholesale Account, you can access your own online virtual office to order at any time with your discount. You will also get valuable information from me about being a member and I can add you to the dōTERRA facebook community, which is a great place to ask questions and learn about how essential oils can help with various health complaints and help you to clean and care for your skin and hair without chemicals.  dōTERRA’s oils are so pure you can even use them in cooking and baking, so many recipes are shared also.  You can also ingest them for health.

dōTERRA’s Unique Loyalty Rewards Programme

Once you have a dōTERRA Wholesale Account you have an option to join dōTERRA’s unique Loyalty Rewards Programme (LRP).  With dōTERRA’s Loyalty Rewards, you will receive points which you can redeem for free product (one point is usually equivalent to USD$1). In addition, if you place an LRP order which reaches 125PV, you will qualify for the Product of the Month Club.  The Product of the Month Club is a permanent promotion, with a new free product each month!

I use my monthly Loyalty Rewards to buy…
Every 3 months one of the following:

Every month:


When we need them:


I previously bought these items at retail price from health food shops.  Now I get 30% back and wholesale pricing!  When I make an order totalling 125 points or more and get the order in by the 15th of the month I am eligible for the free product of the month deal.  This is such a lovely gift for me, or for Christmas and birthdays, and I love this “little thank you” from dōTERRA for my loyalty.

The longer you participate in the LRP, the more credits you can earn to redeem – up to 30% of your total monthly Loyalty Rewards purchases. Combined with your wholesale discount prices you are basically saving over 50% after your first year.


An order in the Loyalty Rewards Program will auto-ship at the same time every month. You can edit everything about this order each month if you want to – products, ship date, payment, etc, but it’s meant to be an autoship, so it will order the exact same thing if you don’t remember to update your “template” with new products each month. The longer the order is active, even if you change the products within it, the more points you build up. You also accumulate points each time you order to redeem your product credits for free oils and products.

Or, contact me to better understand the LRP

Please ask any questions you have about what is the best way for you to buy your Essential Oils for wellness!

I look forward to hearing from you and connecting with you!

Much Love x x


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