Skin Tag be GONE!

I have a really irritating problem during pregnancy. Skin tags. They plague me and seem to grow everywhere!

Previously I have gone to the doctor and had them frozen off with liquid nitrogen, but now, on my natural journey I decided to try a more natural approach – Melaleuca Oil and Apple Cider Vinegar.

What you can see in the photo below is 2 skin tags before and after treatment. The big skin tag (number 1) was causing me the most issues. Obviously rubbing away under my enormous pregnant breast, it had become inflamed and sore. The smaller skin tag (number 2) was not so troublesome, but beginning to feel uncomfortable and the third little pink dot (number 3) you can see is just a blemish!


I apologize for the terrible photography and art skills, but I hope you can see the improvement! Admittedly the area around where the large skin tag is, is pretty pink. This is because I covered the Melaleuca Oil after application with a plaster. I don’t recommend this! (I will explain why and how I got rid of my skin tags below). However, the smaller skin tag has cleared completely leaving no mark at all. The time between the 2 pics is 1 week and application was for just 4 days.

How I did it

  1. I checked in with my doctor that what I had was in fact a skin tag and not a mole.
  2. I used a 100% pure, certified therapeutic grade oil. In doing so I neglected to consider how very potent and powerful this remedy is and how it therefore might irritate! (I did do a small skin patch test first to check sensitivity, as if I know an oil is going to irritate, I use with a carrier oil). I made the mistake of covering the Melaleuca with a plaster thinking that it would keep the oil on the tag longer and succeeded in giving myself a blister that popped and left the pink!
  3. I cleaned the skin tag and the area around it with warm water and a natural soap
  4. I placed one drop of Melaleuca Oil on my finger and swiped it onto both skin tags. I repeated this 3 x during the day then cleaned and refreshed with an organic ‘Mother’ Apple Cider Vinegar soaked cotton wool ball before I went to bed and again in the morning before reapplying the Melaleuca Oil again throughout the day.

By day 2 the skin tags turned black. By day 3 the smaller one wiped away with the ACV and on day 4 the bigger one did the same, admittedly with a big sting and a little drizzle if blood (I realised taking the plaster off at the end of day 1 the mistake of putting it on in the first place as the blister had come up!) I have since been healing the blister with colloidal silver and enjoying the lack of sore irritated skin tags under my boob!

I would say Melaleuca is another one of my go-to oils that I use regularly for its antiseptic and other properties! What have you found this oil to be good for? Please feel free to share your success stories below!

Much love x x

Clare, The Essential Mum



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