Grab a FREE Rosemary Essential Oil These Last Few Days of April

Why am I offering you Rosemary, I hear you cry?  Isn’t Rosemary what we use in roast dinners?

Well, yes, but Rosemary Essential oil also has powerful antiviral and antibiotic properties, which means it is great for helping to ward off the flu, colds and viruses. It also works great as an expectorant and exhibits high antioxidant properties.

I don’t know about you, but I can almost SEE those bugs creeping in to surprise us!

I want to help you NOT be unprepared this winter.  Find out here the other oils I recommend to have in your arsenal against colds and flus this winter and how to use them.  Adding an essential oil like Rosemary to any of the remedies you choose to protect yourself from colds and flu, or treat them this winter serves to boost their effectiveness.

You can also learn how to make your own germ fighting cleaning products at my Cleaning Masterclass here!

I am offering a FREE Rosemary Essential Oil with any Wholesale Account opened between now and  Saturday 30th April with a custom doTERRA Starter Kit.  For other mums like me I REALLY recommend the Family Physician kit or Home Essentials kit (comes with a diffuser).  With the 10 oils in this kit you won’t be caught short in times illness or accidents and you can also use the oils in many daily applications like beauty, cleaning and boosting mood!  You save a heap on the set of oils compared to buying each oil individually and the kit will last a long time.  The bottles are only 5mls, but contain 83 drops of essential oil.  As the oils are of such high quality and are potent you use very little of them each time – 1 or 2 drops in the diffuser is enough, 1 drop in applications for babies and children and only a little more for you as an adult, depending what you are using the oils for.  Your kit will easily last you 6 months.  If you have a think about what you buy for your family’s wellness (or illness?) each month currently – cough mixtures, pain relievers, decongestants, plus all your cleaning products and any other medicinal antimicrobial herbs including elderberry (easily over $50?) this is quite a considerable saving to stay well.  And as you start to incorporate these oils and the doTERRA wellness principles into your daily life you will find you become sick less often anyway!

Click here to join & save now

Select your destination country for shipping, fill in your details and then select your kit.

Email me at with your address for me to send your Rosemary Essential Oil to you (your kit will come directly from doTERRA, while this offer is a gift from me) or to ask questions!

Much love x x


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