How to use my Rollerball System to Roll Easy through this Life of Mum!

Life as a mum isn’t easy all the time.  It can be challenging, emotionally and physically draining, it can be isolating and it can screw with your sense of self in a BIG WAY! Motherhood is an evolving journey in so many ways, but especially in identity, which can be confusing and confronting for us.  And don’t even get me started on mummy guilt…

That is how I came up with my Rollerball System.  Mums would come to me for blends for this and for that:

  • “I need something to pick me up in the afternoon; I am drinking way too much coffee!”
  • “I need something to lift my mood”
  • “Do you have anything for mindfulness?”
  • “I need something to calm me down in the moment – when the kids are driving me crazy”
  • “I need something for my anxious feelings”
  • “The kids keep getting sick, do you have anything to keep me well, so that I can look after them?  I don’t have the time or the luxury of a sick day!”

Through these requests and experimentation with many blends and blends I have used myself (for anxiety, relaxation and mine and my daughter’s immune system), I have developed tried and tested blends that work to:

  • Calm Me DOWN
  • Pick Me UP
  • Keep Me WELL
  • Make me Worry-LESS
  • And be At EASE

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How the System Works

You can use each rollerball individually or you can use them together as a system.  For example:

  • Use At Ease daily to encourage presence and gratitude.
    • I roll At Ease to my root chakra when I rise in the morning, take 3 deep breaths or do a small meditation/positive affirmation.  This helps me to stay present in the moment and relaxed throughout the day, and grateful.
  • Use Calm Me Down in the moment of anger or if you feel your temper or tension rising.  It makes tension literally melt away.
    • Roll to the back of your neck if you feel a tension headache coming on or have tight muscles.  Roll it behind your ears 30 minutes before bedtime to relax and unwind and welcome sleep.
  • Use Calm Me Down and Worry Less together in the moment anxiety hits.  Anxiety is like a domino.  If you don’t catch that first one falling the anxiety spirals out of your control.  This mix can help you stop that domino in its tracks.
    • Roll both to the wrists and take 3 deep breaths.  Repeat a positive affirmation 3 times. Or, roll to the center of your chest at the heart level in a clockwise direction. The heart chakra is the wellspring of love, warmth, compassion, and joy.  It encourages self-love, altruism, generosity, kindness, and respect.
  • Use Worry Less on its own on those days where worries weigh down our mind and spirit.
    • Roll easy up to three times a day on wrists, back of knees, feet, neck or root chakra.
  • Use Pick Me Up to lift mood or energy.  It is a great alternative to that 3pm coffee!  It contains multiple citrus oils to lift your energy and spirit, whilst keeping you grounded and focused with the frankincense and other balancing oils.
  • Use Keep Me WELL during those times when your immune system needs a boost because you need to be well, mum, to keep your tribe well! We forget to look after ourselves sometimes, so this is one is an easy, quick way to do that with immune boosting, bacteria busting, spirit lifting essential oils.

Using these rollerballs as a system works really well for a number of reasons:

  • Calming a troubled mind makes us more present in our children’s play and needs
  • The ability to calm down when emotions or tensions run high is beneficial to mum and child too
  • Better sleep leads to more energy
  • Actively practising gratitude and mindfulness can reduce stress
  • Boosting the immune system is important to maintaining wellness. When mum gets sick there is no recovering in bed for days.  We have to keep going, so it is better to invest in avoiding illness in the first place!

As a system the rollerballs are aimed at reducing ill-health and the negative emotions that are a consequence of high stress, lack of sleep, tension and worry, and increasing positive mood from the inside out.  Recent studies show self-induced changes in mood can increase the production of serotonin, which is your feel good hormone.  By increasing calm and a sense of peacefulness and control, this also boosts the mindfulness that we are encouraging with the At EASE blend!


 Buy your Rollerballs now.  Purchase individually from $22 each or as a system for $124.50

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Design Your Life

My 5 Roll Easy rollerballs are also a key tool in my Design Your Life Ultimate Experience. This is an 8 week coaching programme to shift out of overwhelm into purpose.

Are you tired of living on autopilot?

Are you stressed?  Maybe not feeling like you’re not giving your all to any one thing, including your children?

Do you feel guilty or frustrated that you’re not achieving your own expectations?

Are you inspired by the possibility life could be better?


click here

And be sure to click here and read my Guest Blog Series from other mums who took the journey from surviving to thriving!

Why the Design Your Life Experience WORKS

A couple of years ago I hit a tipping point.  My life was completely out of balance and I was unhappy.  Something needed to change.

Using the process I will take you through as part of this experience I “decluttered” my physical, spiritual and mental space.  I scheduled my time, so that I could fit the many things that were pulling me in many directions in.  Then I identified the things that were quality time spent that served me and my family and got rid of the rest; i.e. I designed my life, rather than letting life rule me!  I identified my purpose and freed myself from the limiting beliefs and other things that were holding me back from fulfilling it.  And through all of this emerged more awareness of who I am underneath the veil of Eden and Jade’s mum, so that my life is not just about #beingmum. In fact, I discovered that I am literally 50 shades of mum, but that is OK!  I also acknowledged that I have less than attractive traits that make me feel like a terrible mum sometimes, like my Angry Dinosaur, but through the process I will take you through I understand how they serve me, how they don’t and I put strategies in place to use them to my advantage.

If you are ready to fall in love with the life you have designed for yourself, which brings you true happiness and lives out your purpose and dreams, talk to me now to get started.

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Payment plans are available.



Life Coaching or Life Changing?

I graduated from my Momentum Life Coach training this week. This has been such an amazing experience, throughout which I have grown exponentially in skills and spirit!

It might sound weird, but my journey with essential oils and working with doTERRA had already completely changed my outlook on life.  I began a self development journey and began believing that there was more out there for myself in terms of my health and happiness.  When I began the Life Coaching course and also began to be coached, the change in me grew exponentially!

Here I wanted to share some of the changes with you…Literally my life and my outlook (and also “inlook*”) was completely unrecognisable!

1. I have gained this self awareness that I never had before;

2. I have peeled back the layers of myself, so to speak, in a safe way (not like I felt vulnerable and open). Through this I have gained clarity and direction;

3. I am in a new comfort zone. I have identified and traveled the steps out of the comfort zone that no longer served me, and in doing this I have a new confidence; ‘can take on anything’ attitude;

But, 3. I accept that my “flaws” are OK. What I mean by that is that we all have things we don’t like about ourselves or that we think hinder us. I’m not saying I accept them so I’ll keep them, but I have interrogated them and gained insight into why I think I have them and from there I can decide my steps forward. Momentum have an extremely effective tool to support this process. Vivienne Kelly, a coach of 14 years experience and a background in psychology, designs the course herself and nearly all of the tools we go on to use as coaches. She is an inspirational lady who I have grown extremely fond of and value as a mentor. I’m not alone in this experience as I discover the ‘Momentum Family’! Vivienne continues to support her graduates way after the course concludes;

4. I am meeting incredibly inspiring people EVERY DAY;

5. My head is an electric storm of ideas!

6. I have stopped relying on other people to make me OK;

7. I have identified the areas of my life that deserve my time building, and what I can let go to feel happier and more balanced;

8. I have recalibrated** beliefs that are limiting my success;

9. I am trusting my intuition;

10. I am ready to start my coaching business. A Freedom Coach to inspired, open women, supported by my essential oils and specifically my Rollerball Collection, tailored to #beingmum and everything that goes with that.

A year ago my life and prospects looked so very different. I was facing unpaid maternity leave and financial hardship. Now I have #daredtodream and applied for an #AMPScholarship to help other women achieve their dreams (you can vote for me as the people’s choice at I am about to move into my own place to coach out of from Sept 21st at Greenhill Health Centre, Pakuranga. You can come see me for coaching and for all your oily needs, and as I believe, the two work really well together 😊

Watch this space for more info on my exciting next steps and if you want to explore what training to #becomeacoach can do for you as a career, or part of your existing business, call Momentum on 0210377289.

Their next Foundation Course starts next week with just a few spaces left! Could it be that it’s time for you to start life changing too?

P.S. I used a couple of words in this post I would like to explain!

*inlook – completely made this up, but feel only way to describe how I have looked deep into my soul for answers

**Recalibrated – totally thieved this from my course mate, Sherman. Such a good description of the way coaching evolves your beliefs and thought processes!

Much love X X

I am an Angry Dinosaur

This is me sometimes.  More times than I like to admit when I am stressed, tired or just over parenting for whatever reason.

I hate admitting this out loud!  This is probably the biggest cause of my mummy guilt.  I have yearned to break free from the hold anger takes in the moment.  One day it struck me that there is always an emotion underlying the response I have to whatever triggers an inappropriately loud or short, or just far out crazy response and when I identified that I started using my coaching skills to peel back the layers of the emotion and put strategies in place to respond/react differently.

And there, bazinger, came the feeling of being empowered!!!  And Mr Angry Dinosaur is taking a back seat to a calmer, kinder and more focused me.

I would like to share this feeling of empowerment and help you to be calmer, kinder and more focused with your children.

Let’s encourage our Angry Dinosaur to chillax back there in the “not of current service” to our lives box, deep in our brains!

I am going to be holding 4 group coaching sessions for mums each Wednesday from the 21st September, across 4 weeks. $20/person in a small, intimate, safe group at my new home in the Greenhill Health Centre, 253 Pakuranga Rd, Pakuranga, Auckland.

Please complete the form on my Workshops & Group Coaching Page to register for the next course.  If you would prefer a one-on-one session, these are also available.  Please call me on 022 1084 165.  Or email

Much Love x x

To bucket list or not to bucket list?

I have a terrible habit of looking at Pinterest before I go to sleep at night. I know, the bright screen will do nothing for my sleep and screen time is like heroin. However, I love it!

One of the things I saw tonight was this massive bucket list (featured image) and while I love the idea of writing down everything you want to do in life, I’m pulled in two directions over whether they are a good tool to achieve your goals?

Reading down this list, some of the goals are simple things to achieve, but others are massive! But what gets written down gets done, right? I would say, not necessarily!

A survey from one of Australia’s largest online businesses found that people who have a bucket list are happier than those that do not. Is this more to do with strong vision than writing the list? Then making the vision HAPPEN?

Why am I pondering this?

In June I began the journey to become a professional life coach. This journey has been life-changing! It’s changed the way I think, the way I “operate”, in day to day life and within my business! Self-aware has become my ‘modus operandi’ and structure and goals/milestones a must in everything I do. So my thoughts with the bucket list are that writing that list is great to identify the wants and that vision, but what’s going to hold you to and support you to get shit done? Excuse my French!

You can apply this to so many situations in your life, especially as a mum when there are so many other things competing for your attention.

What are your thoughts? To bucket list or to not? Or to bucket list with a strong plan of action?

I finish my Professional Coaching course this week and I’m so excited. Big things are happening for Essential Mum! And I hope to be able to enable big things to happen for other mums by offering my coaching service. If you have goals, dreams and ambitions that you want to make happen  then please contact me to see if I can help!

Keep an eye on my website and facebook page for more updates!

Much love X X X