To bucket list or not to bucket list?

I have a terrible habit of looking at Pinterest before I go to sleep at night. I know, the bright screen will do nothing for my sleep and screen time is like heroin. However, I love it!

One of the things I saw tonight was this massive bucket list (featured image) and while I love the idea of writing down everything you want to do in life, I’m pulled in two directions over whether they are a good tool to achieve your goals?

Reading down this list, some of the goals are simple things to achieve, but others are massive! But what gets written down gets done, right? I would say, not necessarily!

A survey from one of Australia’s largest online businesses found that people who have a bucket list are happier than those that do not. Is this more to do with strong vision than writing the list? Then making the vision HAPPEN?

Why am I pondering this?

In June I began the journey to become a professional life coach. This journey has been life-changing! It’s changed the way I think, the way I “operate”, in day to day life and within my business! Self-aware has become my ‘modus operandi’ and structure and goals/milestones a must in everything I do. So my thoughts with the bucket list are that writing that list is great to identify the wants and that vision, but what’s going to hold you to and support you to get shit done? Excuse my French!

You can apply this to so many situations in your life, especially as a mum when there are so many other things competing for your attention.

What are your thoughts? To bucket list or to not? Or to bucket list with a strong plan of action?

I finish my Professional Coaching course this week and I’m so excited. Big things are happening for Essential Mum! And I hope to be able to enable big things to happen for other mums by offering my coaching service. If you have goals, dreams and ambitions that you want to make happen  then please contact me to see if I can help!

Keep an eye on my website and facebook page for more updates!

Much love X X X




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