How to use my Rollerball System to Roll Easy through this Life of Mum <3

Life as a mum isn’t easy all the time.  It can be challenging, emotionally and physically draining, it can be isolating and it can screw with your sense of self in a BIG WAY! Motherhood is an evolving journey in so many ways, but especially in identity, which can be confusing and confronting for us.  And don’t even get me started on mummy guilt…

That is how I came up with my Rollerball System.  Mums would come to me for blends for this and for that:

  • “I need something to pick me up in the afternoon; I am drinking way too much coffee!”
  • “I need something to lift my mood”
  • “Do you have anything for mindfulness?”
  • “I need something to calm me down in the moment – when the kids are driving me crazy”
  • “I need something for my anxious feelings”
  • “The kids keep getting sick, do you have anything to keep me well, so that I can look after them?  I don’t have the time or the luxury of a sick day!”

Through these requests and experimentation with many blends and blends I have used myself (for anxiety, relaxation and mine and my daughter’s immune system), I have developed tried and tested blends that work to:

  • Calm Me DOWN
  • Pick Me UP
  • Keep Me WELL
  • Make me Worry-LESS
  • And be At EASE

Roll Easy through this Life of Mum!

How the System Works

You can use each rollerball individually or you can use them together:

  • Use At EASE daily to encourage presence and gratitude.  I find rolling to my root chakra when I rise in the morning, especially when accompanied by 3 deep breaths, a small meditation or just a positive affirmation really helps me to stay present in the moment and relaxed throughout the day and grateful.
  • Use Calm Me Down in the moment of anger or if you feel your temper or tension rising.  It makes tension literally melt away.  Roll to the back of your neck if you feel a tension headache coming on or have tight muscles.  Roll it behind your ears 30 minutes before bedtime to relax and unwind and welcome sleep.
  • Use Calm Me DOWN and Worry-LESS together in the moment anxiety hits.  Anxiety is like a domino.  If you don’t catch that first one falling the anxiety spirals out of your control.  This mix can help you stop that domino in its tracks.  Roll both to the wrists and take 3 deep breaths to inhale.  Repeat a positive affirmation 3 times. Rolling to the center of your chest at the heart level. in a clockwise direction is also an option.  The heart chakra is the wellspring of love, warmth, compassion, and joy.It encourages self-love, altruism, generosity, kindness, and respect.  Roll in whichever area works for you best.
  • Use Worry-LESS on its own on those days where worries weigh down our mind and spirit.  Use up to three times a day on wrists, back of knees, feet or neck.  Or this is another good mix for your root chakra.
  • Use Pick Me Up to lift mood or energy.  It is a great alternative to that 3pm coffee!  It contains multiple citrus oils to lift your energy and spirit, whilst keeping you grounded and focused with the frankincense and other balancing oils.
  • Use Keep Me WELL during those times when your immune system needs a boost because you need to be well, mum, to keep your tribe well! We also forget to look after ourselves sometimes, so this is one is an easy, quick way to do that. This blend contains all immune boosting, bacteria busting, spirit lifting essential oils.

Using these rollerballs as a system works really well for a number of reasons:

  • Calming a troubled mind makes us more present in our children’s play and needs
  • The ability to calm down when emotions or tensions run high is beneficial to mum and child too
  • Better sleep leads to more energy
  • Actively practising gratitude and mindfulness can reduce stress
  • Boosting the immune system is important to maintaining wellness. When mum gets sick there is no recovering in bed for days.  We have to keep going, so it is better to invest in avoiding illness in the first place!

As a system the rollerballs are aimed at reducing ill-health and the negative emotions that are a consequence of high stress, lack of sleep, tension and worry, and increasing positive mood from the inside out.  Recent studies show self-induced changes in mood can increase the production of serotonin, which is your feel good hormone.  By increasing calm and a sense of peacefulness and control, this also boosts the mindfulness that we are encouraging with the At EASE blend.

Buy your Rollerballs from my shop page now.  Purchase individually or as a system for $124.50


Empower yourself with Balance, Purpose and Freedom

Design Your Life Package

The rollerballs are also a key tool in my Design Your Life Package.  This is an 8 week coaching programme to achieve more balance, identify your purpose and experience a feeling of freedom from whatever is holding you back from achieving your dreams.

Across 8 weeks you will get:

  • A weekly coaching session at either of my venues in Maraetai or Pakuranga
  • A catalyst to make the changes that you want to/need to in your life
  • No judgement
  • Someone to listen
  • A clear vision
  • A solid foundation to make your vision a reality, plus a plan
  • My rollerball system
  • Your time back FOR YOU

Optional FREE extras:

  • A 5 minute chat on the phone each week, in case you need it
  • Email communication
  • Tools and resources to support conversations within our coaching sessions
  • Nutrition and exercise advice, if  applicable to you and it is going to help.  What we eat and how we move affects how we think.  A positive state of mind makes mothering easier!

Why the Design Your Life Package WORKS

This year I hit a tipping point.  My life was completely out of balance and I was unhappy.  Something needed to change.

Using the process I will take you through as part of this package I “decluttered” my physical, spiritual and mental space.  I scheduled my time, so that I could fit the many things that were pulling me in many directions in.  Then I identified the things that were quality time spent that served me and my family; i.e. I designed my life, rather than letting life rule me!  I identified my purpose and freed myself from the limiting beliefs and other things that were holding me back from fulfilling it.  And through all of this emerged more awareness of who I am underneath the veil of Eden and Jade’s mum, so that my life is not just about being mum. In fact, I discovered that I am literally 50 shades of mum, but that is OK!  I also acknowledged that I have less than attractive traits that make me feel like a terrible mum sometimes, like my Angry Dinosaur, but through the process I will take you through I understand how they serve me, how they don’t and I put strategies in place to use them to my advantage.

Your investment in YOU for this package is $1299.  If you are ready to fall in love with the life you have designed for yourself, which brings you true happiness and lives out your purpose and dreams, talk to me now to get started.


Payment plans are available.



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