“Since I started feeling EMPOWERED rather than overwhelmed and helpless I have loved #beingmum!”

When I lost my job at 6 months pregnant with my second daughter, Jade I started to wonder how I could make other mums feeling empowered my full time job, so I could stay at home and be mum to my new baby, rather than rush into a new job because of financial pressure.

I thought about what has made me feel the most empowered as a mum, like:

  • When I am finding solutions to rid the toxins from our life
  • When I was able to take control of my first daughter’s ill health naturally
  • When I’ve been bringing an income into our family, feeling like I contribute and able to give Eden what she needed;
  • When I’ve got resources, both physical and strategic to help me cope and days that I have designed, rather than a day of obligations served to me in one chaotic bundle;

In October 2015 I established Essential Mum and joined dōTERRA as a Wellness Advocate. I started blogging as a way of sharing my anecdotal journey.  dōTERRA has unique blends to support anxious feelings and low mood, gentle oils for babies and children to support childhood conditions like cradlecap, colic, stuffy noses and more. I am not an expert, I am just a Mum! And Essential Oils are just one of the solutions I have discovered, but they are a big one because dōTERRA’s oils are effective, sustainable and involved in over 100 projects that help people all over the world.  It makes me feel good to be alive each time I put through an order because I know how these projects make a difference.  I make my own range of completely natural products for the mum who doesn’t have the time or inclination to make things from scratch herself, but wants to use a natural approach to #beingmum; like insect repellent, ‘sleep tight’ balm and chest rub  dōTERRA’s essential oils are also the base of the unique system of 5 Rollerballs that I developed for mumsRoll Easy is aimed specifically at supporting mums day to day, when we:

  • Lose our calm
  • Lack energy or motivation
  • Feel low
  • Get run down
  • Worry, or struggle to evict the growing to do list from our busy minds

 Essential Oils are an integral part of my family’s day to day life.   Doterra-Wellness-Advocate

I am also a Life Coach.  I trained through an ICF accredited course in 2016 because to be honest I felt stuck in my life.  I had started this amazing business, was experiencing success, but I felt like there was more to life. I wanted to change the world and coaching seemed like a great way to do it. The coaching helped me to break through some of the personal struggles I had, helped me change my energy and what I believed about myself and gave me a path forward.

I offer a free 30 minute Discovery Session to see whether my coaching style is right for you.  Click here to book

Please also follow my Mummy Munchies Blog for regular posts about #beingmum!

About Me

Before this tough job of mum I worked in the much more corporate field of sustainability.  I have always been passionate about making the world a better place! At the tender age of 25 I took on the massive role of managing a portfolio of 16 shopping centres in the UK.  I was tasked with making their operations more sustainable.  I developed strategies on carbon reduction, energy efficiency, environmental sustainability, waste minimisation and renewable energy and worked to continually improve the Environmental Education Programme that I developed to train staff at all levels. I increased recycling at Manchester Arndale from 8% to 60% in one year and saved the centre 600,000 pounds on their utilities. I even won the National Young Facilities Manager of the Year Award for my achievements, but honestly, up until really recently I did not feel worthy of that award. 

And I guess that is the biggest breakthrough I has as I trained to become a Coach with Momentum Life Coaching and Training in Auckland in 2016. I began to see everything I was worthy of; the skills I have, all the good I have to give, my flaws as well, but also why I have them and how I can change them and become a better me.  The Momentum Life Coaching Programme follows the 11 International Coach Federation Core Competencies, including the 70 detailed competencies, as its fundamental framework.

Training to become a coach makes a lot of sense to me in retrospect.  At ‘A’ Level in the UK I studied Psychology and had a deep interest in it, I just didn’t understand where it fit for me at the time.  I went on to study Hispanic Studies at University with the hopes of becoming a teacher.  After a year teaching English in Chile as part of the course I’d changed my mind on that, as that wasn’t a for for me either.  

I guess it has taken me a lifetime to figure out the path that is right for me, and while being made redundant at 6 months pregnant and losing all of my maternity leave was extremely tough to go through, at least it forced me to open my eyes to the wealth of opportunities that are out there, that don’t necessarily fit into the box I was taught at school.  I am proud that I know myself well enough now to know that what puts fire in my belly is fixing things. The harder the challenge, the bigger my fire. I discovered that network marketing was a good vehicle for me to fix problems on a really large scale; much larger than I could ever achieve by working for someone else!  I now have a portfolio of products that I represent.  If you are interested in discovering whether this might be something that is also a fit for you, I would love to have a chat and listen to your goals and frustrations, and answer your questions.  Contact me now and we’ll go from there!

Much Love x x



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