“Since I started feeling EMPOWERED rather than overwhelmed and helpless I have loved #beingmum!”

When I lost my job at 6 months pregnant with my second daughter, Jade I started to wonder how I could make other mums feeling empowered my full time job, so I could stay at home and be mum to my new baby, rather than rush into a new job because of financial pressure.

I thought about what has made me feel the most empowered as a mum, like:

  • When I was able to take control of my first daughter’s ill health with essential oils and am able to respond naturally when faced with periods of bad sleep, teething, earaches, diaper rash and stuffy noses;
  • When I’ve been bringing an income into our family, feeling like I contribute and able to give Eden what she needed;
  • When I’ve got resources, both physical and strategic to help me cope and days that I have designed, rather than a day of obligations served to me in one chaotic bundle;

And that is when I established Essential Mum and joined dōTERRA as a Wellness Advocate both to save on the cost of the essential oils and earn an income.  I started blogging as a way of sharing my anecdotal journey.  I am not an expert, I am just a Mum! dōTERRA’s oils are effective, sustainable and involved in over 100 projects that help people all over the world.  They are the base of the Rollerball System that I developed for mums and an integral part of my family’s life to this day.   Doterra-Wellness-Advocate

The Coaching and oils are such a beautiful mix!  Truly the essentials for being mum.

My Holistic Coaching is for mums seeking balance, fulfilment, purpose and  happiness, and for those in need of support going back to work or starting a home business.

Essential oils compliment the coaching practice or can be used independently.  I specialise in emotional aromatherapy to support the rollercoaster of emotions us mums deal with on a daily basis.  dōTERRA has unique blends to support anxious feelings, low mood and more.  I also specialise in gentle oils for babies and children to support childhood conditions like cradlecap, colic, stuffy noses and more. Contact me for more details or if you have questions.

I make my own range of completely natural products from the essential oils, like insect repellent, ‘sleep tight’ balm and chest rub.  I also offer a unique system of 5 rollerballs called Roll Easy, which are aimed specifically at supporting mums day to day, when we:

  • Lose our calm
  • Lack energy or motivation
  • Feel low
  • Get run down
  • Worry, or struggle to evict the growing to do list from our busy minds

I offer a free 30 minute Discovery Session to see whether coaching is right for you, free essential oil consults or we can talk about both.  Click here to book

I also do free workshops for mums, which are basically big coffee groups with a purpose! Click here to find out what is happening local to you.

Please also follow my Mummy Munchies Blog for regular posts with #Edenfriendly recipes and more!

About Me

Before this tough job of mum I worked in the much more corporate field of sustainability.  I have always been passionate about making the world a better place!  You can read my Linkedin profile here if you are interested! (Although admittedly I need to add in my most recent role before Essential Mum, which was Fundraising for the Rudolph Steiner Schools Trust.)

I trained to become a Holistic Coach with Momentum Life Coaching and Training in Auckland in 2016. The Momentum Life Coaching Programme follows the 11 International Coach Federation Core Competencies, including the 70 detailed competencies, as its fundamental framework.

Training to become a coach makes a lot of sense to me in retrospect.  At ‘A’ Level in the UK I studied Psychology and had a deep interest in it, although I went on to study Hispanic Studies at University with the hopes of becoming a teacher.  After a year teaching English in Chile as part of the course I’d changed my mind on that!

Regarding the essential oils this is just based on my own experience of them, but doTERRA has a wealth of information, training and support when you become a Wellness Advocate with them.

I’m certainly on the right path now in terms of my career.  If you’re keen to find yours and dream of working for yourself, be sure to check out my Coaching for Mumtrepreneurs!



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