Workshops, Events & Group Coaching

Next Workshop… Be Calmer, Kinder, More Focused with your Children

14th June, 7:30pm – 8:30pm

Greenhill Health, 253 Pakuranga Road

 Register now to gain:
– Self-awareness – What are your negative responses really about? Anger, for example, is almost always a sign of another underlying emotion.
– Strategies to manage underlying emotion
– A plan for self-care to reduce tiredness, stress, etc. and increase presence and calm.
For more info, see the event on Facebook.  Register for just $20/person. Booking is essential due to limited space.

Nature’s Solutions

2pm -3pm Beachlands

doTERRA have just released an amazing new starter kit called Nature’s Solutions.  It got me thinking that it is not just essential oils that can help us reach our healthy living goals and boost vitality.  So, this workshop covers off the essential oil basics AND a few of the other products from doTERRA and why you might want to get your hands on them!  (A great workshop for doTERRA Account Holders)

Register Now:


 to be notified of all future events

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