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Next Vision Board Workshop

12th February 2018, 7:30pm – 10:30pm
Pikopiko Learning Centre, Whitford
Feeling frustrated that your family life isn’t filled with the experiences you want it to be?

Time like water running down the drain, blink and the day is gone haven’t spent it doing, well, you aren’t quite sure?

Family life is hard!!!! Obligations, work, housework, other people’s needs can drain us of our time and energy!

Come spend the afternoon with me creating the vision of what you actually want your family life to look like.

Not in some intangible time in the future, but in the next 90 days! I will coach you in this session to a chat vision of the changes you want to make and what you need to do to make them happen. It’s so tempting to create the vision of Someday Isle, but it pays to focus on the detail!

This is why we do this activity together, with my support and I promise you this is where the magic happens! The brain must have an emotional stimulus before it can relax and let your vision manifest and become reality, so we’ll be focusing on how it will feel to have the family life you want, as well as what it looks like.

Reserve Your Place at the Vision Board Workshop Now!

Ticket price includes coaching, vision board, magazines and other supplies. Please bring any specialist magazines you want to work from



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7 thoughts on “Workshops, Events & Group Coaching

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  2. […] One of my favourite ways of setting intentions is through Vision Boards. They let you play with the idea of what would happen if you could choose what comes next in your future. They are an excuse to get creative, they relieve stress and they let you have fun with possibility. Through the process of creation your vision becomes clearer, your hope and motivation increases, your stress reduces and you remember that you are more than just mum; which gives a feeling of empowerment and identity. […]


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