The Biozen is now available through Essential Mum because I feel passionately about the benefits of this product and feel that they should be in the hands of every family I meet.

Mobile phones and all of the low frequency wave emitting technology are not approved to be held in the laps of little children.   Not even Ipads are tested for this and yet we, as parents are being expected to send our young children into school with them for their learning. We do not know what the cumulative impact of these 2 way microwave radiating devices being used daily will be across the long-term.

However, we can see the effects of a cellphone’s use across just a few minutes in this picture:

biozen 1

And this image presents the case of a lady who presented with a tumour in her breast after carrying her cellphone in her bra while she was driving:

biozen 4

Our phones are even emitting radiation when they are not in use:

And here is the radiation emitted from the ipads we are sending into school with our children (schools use commercial grade routers for internet access):

There are things we can do to minimise effects:

biozen 3

HOWEVER, is it realistic to put down our phones permanently, or even prevent our kids from using them or tablets?

A realistic alternative is the BioZen, a small chip that makes a BIG difference. Not only is it certified technology, but BioZen is scientifically proven and has a Class 1 Medical Certificate. It’s super easy to use and even easier to apply. Just stick it on your smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers, routers, baby monitors, microwaves, or any other electrical device.

BioZen is available in wholesale packs from $137 + shipping here.

If you would like to try 1 BioZen to start, they are available to buy directly from me at the retail price of $99 + shipping:

BioZen Sticker

1 x BioZen Sticker + 1 x Postage within New Zealand


Or for more information, please <<contact me>> directly!

For the inquisitive amongst us… Here is some research to look into around the effects of electrosmog.  You can also visit my separate blog here

biozen research.jpg