Coaching for Mumtrepreneurs

I have met so many amazing mums with passion and ideas to make a difference along my journey of Essential Mum! Some have disregarded their desires and dreams just because of “being mum” and the family commitments that come with that responsibility, when they could make a huge impact by turning their passion into profit!  When I trained to become a Certified Life Coach, I did this with the hope that I can provide a vehicle to help mums achieve their dreams like I am.

I hope to help numerous other amazingly gifted and gifting mums achieve their dreams and this is what makes my heart beat faster and my passion burn. Sometimes the pressures of family and even society make our dreams as mums seem insignificant, so we dedicate our whole self to raising our children and running our homes. Or we go back into work early in a job that doesn’t serve our abilities, never mind our passion, but it fits in with our children and we can pay the bills.

Did you know the Growing Up in NZ study of about 7000 babies born in Auckland and Waikato in 2009-10 found that 37% of mums went back to work within nine months and most (71%) of those said they went back just because they “needed the money”? Also the global average of women founders of start-up businesses is just 18%. What if the the main reason this figure is so low is that most women are also mothers, and they are afraid that they can’t juggle motherhood with the intensive entrepreneurial life?

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