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As a mum it is really important to me that what my daughters inhale, injest and what I put on their skin is totally pure and free from nasty fillers, preservatives and other ingredients.  Equally, I want my remedies to be EFFECTIVE.  I have achieved this with dōTERRA and I am using less.  I never need more than 2 drops in a diffuser (I was using 8-10 of the previous brand I was using) and I only use about 6 in a quarter cup of carrier oil.

If you know the oils that you will likely use on a regular basis and have decided to sign up to dōTERRA’s Wholesale Membership, it makes a lot of sense and is much more economical to buy one of dōTERRA’s enrollment kits.  They have a variety that are targeted at different needs and you make significant savings on the oils you need.

As a mum needing the oils that we use on a regular basis as part of our family wellness toolbox, I went for the Family Physician Kit.  It includes a helpful information pack and 6 single oils – Lemon, Oregano, Frankincense, Lavender, Peppermint and Melaleuca – and 4 blends – On Guard (to support healthy immune function), Deep Blue (a soothing solution to sore muscles and joints), Digestzen (to help restore normal balance in the digestive system), and Breathe (respiratory benefits). My kit meant that affordably I had all of the oils that I use every day and the “go to” blends that I turn to in times of illness or discomfort.


I paid NZ$259 for my Family Physician Kit and even got a 15ml blend (Slim and Sassy) as a free gift! The price included the year’s wholesale membership at a value of around NZ$50.  Previous to getting my membership I was spending between NZ$150 and NZ$250 each time I ordered and I was only getting 2 or 3 single oils or oil blends, plus the shipping!  As I say, I was happy to pay this because of the quality of oils I was getting, but it was hard to budget for as a mum only working part time and already bearing the additional costs of Eden’s special diet.  I also just don’t think that I had realised the value in the wholesale membership and the enrollment kits!  Finally I was introduced to a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate and she talked me through everything.  I have never looked back!

Another popular kit is the Home Essentials Kit.  For NZ$410 you get all of the oils included in the Family Physician kit PLUS a beautiful Petal Diffuser.  You save NZ$130 if you buy this kit, rather than all of the products independently.


You can buy kits all the way up in value to NZ$4000, so if you are a naturopath, beautician or a Yoga Retreat, for example, there is something that will suit your business needs and enable you to make optimum savings (up to NZ$1200) and also earn product credits and other rewards.

Please contact me to discuss which kit may be best for you!  If you don’t have a business, but have specific needs there are savings to be made by you as well!  We have our Athlete + Kit at NZ$289 (save NZ$110) if you are focused on optimum muscle recovery and nutrients, our Cleanse and Restore Kit at NZ$289 (save NZ$74) if you are losing weight and using supplementation and our Natural Solutions Kit, which has a great selection of oils and other personal care products that a family uses day in day out.  This is valued at NZ$815 (save NZ$145 and also earn product credits and other rewards.)

athlete kit NaturalSolutionsKitFull

Or why not sign up with the Every Oil Kit?  NZ$2625 to experience every beautiful oil in dōTERRA’s range. GREAT if you do want to make essential oils your business or incorporate into an existing business.  Save $425 and also earn product credits and rewards.


The kits really are great value and worth the outlay up front.  Especially when you start to calculate how much you are spending in the health shop each month! With my wholesale discount I can now buy toothpaste, cleaning products and my personal care products at a discount on a monthly basis. By purchasing this way I also qualify for rewards that pay me up to 30% back in free products and I always have the oils I need to make the things I like to make myself, like lip balms and and face creams and gifts. In addition to the things I use regularly for our family health.

Please do contact me for a no obligation chat about what enrollment kit may be best for you and your family.  I realise the choice can be a little overwhelming!

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