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As a mum I avoid the use of chemicals wherever I can and I am confident that removing them has positively impacted many areas of our health, especially our immune systems!
doTERRA’s Starter Kits have everything you need to get started with your chemical free approach to your health and home!  Download my free ebook to get started with the Home Essentials Kit featured in the photo at the top of this page.  Or grab a free essential oils consult to discuss other kits that might work better for you!

“Choosing products that are completely safe for my baby is so confusing 😞 

I thought we were pretty good, but now I look deeper there are things I didn’t realise. Like we’ve been using ******** soap bar, which says ‘no harmful chemicals’, but today I looked up all the ingredients one-by-one and found a few of them were not very good. But it is better than a lot of other soaps. It’s such a shame how hard these things are to find out! There needs to be better labelling out there!  Its like you need to be a scientist to be able to keep your babies safe!” Holly, Whakatane


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