In May we:
💯 Shed Weight
💯 Toned Up
💯 Felt Great!
🍇💪✌️ I shared:
🔅 Inspiration and video blogs
🔅 Easy workouts you can fit into your day
🔅 Meal ideas
🔅 Special offers
🔅 And challenges!
Now it’s time to make our habits STICK!
#FitMama Relay is a chance to put into practice what you learned during #FitMama May.  

First, identify:

  • The healthy meals you enjoyed, which were easy to make and helped you meet your goals
  • The exercises you enjoyed, that fit into your schedule, that helped you tone and feel good

Next, register your name and email here:

🍇💪✌️ You’ll do things that worked for you for 2weeks, then you’ll pass the baton to the next person in our relay!  This means dropping the person whose contact details you’ll receive from me an email with the things that worked for you, so she can incorporate them (or not) with the things that worked for her!
💜 I will start 💜  The things that worked for me are:
  • Using the recipes from the Skinny MS Clean Eating and Detox Plan
  • Drinking 2-3 litres of water a day
  • Reducing salt
  • Designing an exercise class routine and sticking to it – short, explosive bursts
  • Sticking to portion sizes
  • Eating 6 smaller meals a day
  • Reducing carbohydrates and increasing healthy fat
  • doTERRA TrimShake for breakfast and for snacks
  • doTERRA Mito2Max for extra energy and stamina
  • Oxygen therapy for recovery