02 On The Go

Want a natural way to nourish skin and slow down ageing?

Needing help with insomnia or stress?

Want to enhance your physical and mental performance?

Want another totally natural approach to illness?

Pure Oxygen might be the thing for you!

mePure Oxygen is an efficient, portable OXYGEN generator that is convenient to use; needing no power or electricity.  I use it as part of my healthy living routine.  I find it is great to boost my energy levels and help me recover from intense exercise.  It also tones the skin and increases its elasticity and decreases wrinkles!  My O2 on the Go portable oxygen units may also be helpful in your recovery from any illness and for meeting the physiological demands on the body in times of additional stress.  Click here to check them out!  This will certainly be advantageous to your exercise regime in general.  Many athletes, singers, movie stars and stage actors are using portable Oxygen Generators.  Oxygen gives them that superior performance and keeps them looking good and performing well.  Oxygen can immediately alleviate fatigue after exercise, calm the pulse and activate blood circulation, generating vigour and energy.

O2 on the Go for the Pregnant Mama

The pregnant woman breathes and lives with the foetus – everything is for two!
Therefore, if there is insufficient Oxygen supplied to the pregnant woman, blood circulation may inhibit the nutritional substances (which are carried in the blood) that reach the foetus.  Oxygen is an effective and safe natural agent to keep both baby and mother’s nutrition and health as it should be.

If you are interested in having an Oxygen Treatment, click here to book.  It takes just 20 minutes and will leave you feeling great!

the unit

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