Helo Life Sensing Wearable Technology

The HELO wristband is not just a common wristband, it’s a real-time health monitoring and disease prediction wristband that you wear 24/7.

I’m excited to be promoting the HELO wristband as it is leading the way in real-time monitoring of your vital signs, providing data to keep you in tune with your own body and keep your loved ones safe.

Wor(l)d have developed the HELO with Toshiba, using their Application Processor (ApP) Lite chip to provide meaningful tracking, with some even future developments that will catapult this device into another league. For example, blood sugar and alcohol level monitoring and a mosquito shield are planned for the 4th quarter of 2017.

The HELO wristband current features:

  • Exercise, Blood Pressure, Emotions, Sleep quality, Fatigue, Heart Rate, ECG. The HELO is your discrete friend to monitor these vital signs that can give you awareness of your normal, so you can see when something is abnormal and take action
  • The HELO is your powerful companion if you are in trouble. The addition of a Panic Button ensures you can automatically call your loved ones via a GPS signal to let them know you have a problem!  Importantly, upon the wrist of your children, if they get into trouble, they can let you know with the push of a button their exact location!
  • The HELO can also keep track of the vitals and major health parameters of your loved ones and warn you if some value is not in the correct range. This peace of mind for say an elderly parent or sick relative could be a life saver.
  • In addition to monitoring your physical data, the HELO also helps the body to maintain ‘balance‘ via the addition of 2 stones that are set into the Ipo-Allergenic Silicon band:
    • Titanium plate with Pure Germanium stones at 99.99%
    • Titanium plate with Himalayan Salt

helo wristband titanium plates geranium

helo wristbandThe use of these minerals is well-documented to have positive effects on the body as they create a ‘positive gap’ when a negative ion replaces a positive one, so removing excess positive ions. In simple terms, this supports the body to maintain its balance, relaxing muscles and reducing panic and stress. The stones also put out a high percentage of infrared rays as microwaves (Far Infrared Rays) which activate the water molecules and can improve blood circulation by up to 300%. This improves the level of oxygen present in the blood, which leads to a better quality of sleep.

Image result for germanium helo

That’s the HELO wristband in a nutshell!

To learn more about how this SMART BAND monitors your vital signs thanks to latest generation sensors, which are completely different from those installed on generally available trackers or wristbands <<click here>>

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