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Natural Sunscreen (SPF 20)

With zinc, organic beeswax and carrier oils of coconut, red raspberry seed and almond oil, this creamy sunscreen is easy to apply and naturally protecting.  Reapply every couple of hours and after being in the water.  65mls



Natural Insect Repellant

Fight back against mozzies, sand flies and other critters! Made with a beautiful blend of essential oils and gentle enough for use by the whole family, my insect repellent smells great and is an effective alternative to DEET for your family. 120mls



Moisturising Lotion Bar/Miracle Balm

A soothing and healing mix of Manuka honey, aloe vera and essential oils. I have started calling this my Miracle Balm because it is helpful to so many things. I have healed the terrible skin left over from my staph infection, nappy rash that had literally burnt away my daughter's skin, dermatitis and many cuts and scrapes! This is now potted in a glass jar as easier to apply this way. 65mls



Soothe & Clear Balm for stuffy noses and coughs

A more natural alternative to Vick's, with frankincense to help shift mucous and speed healing, plus all your usual respiratory oils like lemon, peppermint and eucalyptus, to clear airways and dry up mucous. Safe for children over 3 and adults. 65mls



Bath Bombs

A selection of nourishing, moisturising bath bombs. Email me with your favorite scents or requirements otherwise I'll send what I have in stock currently. These in the picture are, left to right, Ginger & Frankincense, Cacao, Lavender, Geranium & Cardamom, and Oats, Lime and Avocado Oil



Diffuser necklaces

Handcrafted by local Sandy Feet Jeweller, Lynne, these beautiful necklaces are a unique way to wear your favourite essential oil or the scent you need for the day. All necklaces different. If you'd like to choose from the collection I have please email me at, otherwise I'll pick at random


Citrus Deodorant (with a touch of magnesium)

Made with aluminium free baking soda, magnesium oil, coconut oils and a fresh selection of citrus oils with a minty kick!


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