Be You, Be Real, Be Brave, BELIEVE! An inspiring interview with Debra Rock Evans


Join me as I interview Debra Rock Evans of the World Awake Movement about her own personal journey of discovering herself and what she truly wanted out of life, which went against the career path she started years earlier. She talks openly about her fears and her challenges, and about her experience as a mum, and how she finally got on track doing what she truly believed in, connected to something bigger than herself.

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Life Coaching or Life Changing?

I graduated from my Momentum Life Coach training this week. This has been such an amazing experience, throughout which I have grown exponentially in skills and spirit!

It might sound weird, but my journey with essential oils and working with doTERRA had already completely changed my outlook on life.  I began a self development journey and began believing that there was more out there for myself in terms of my health and happiness.  When I began the Life Coaching course and also began to be coached, the change in me grew exponentially!

Here I wanted to share some of the changes with you…Literally my life and my outlook (and also “inlook*”) was completely unrecognisable!

1. I have gained this self awareness that I never had before;

2. I have peeled back the layers of myself, so to speak, in a safe way (not like I felt vulnerable and open). Through this I have gained clarity and direction;

3. I am in a new comfort zone. I have identified and traveled the steps out of the comfort zone that no longer served me, and in doing this I have a new confidence; ‘can take on anything’ attitude;

But, 3. I accept that my “flaws” are OK. What I mean by that is that we all have things we don’t like about ourselves or that we think hinder us. I’m not saying I accept them so I’ll keep them, but I have interrogated them and gained insight into why I think I have them and from there I can decide my steps forward. Momentum have an extremely effective tool to support this process. Vivienne Kelly, a coach of 14 years experience and a background in psychology, designs the course herself and nearly all of the tools we go on to use as coaches. She is an inspirational lady who I have grown extremely fond of and value as a mentor. I’m not alone in this experience as I discover the ‘Momentum Family’! Vivienne continues to support her graduates way after the course concludes;

4. I am meeting incredibly inspiring people EVERY DAY;

5. My head is an electric storm of ideas!

6. I have stopped relying on other people to make me OK;

7. I have identified the areas of my life that deserve my time building, and what I can let go to feel happier and more balanced;

8. I have recalibrated** beliefs that are limiting my success;

9. I am trusting my intuition;

10. I am ready to start my coaching business. A Freedom Coach to inspired, open women, supported by my essential oils and specifically my Rollerball Collection, tailored to #beingmum and everything that goes with that.

A year ago my life and prospects looked so very different. I was facing unpaid maternity leave and financial hardship. Now I have #daredtodream and applied for an #AMPScholarship to help other women achieve their dreams (you can vote for me as the people’s choice at I am about to move into my own place to coach out of from Sept 21st at Greenhill Health Centre, Pakuranga. You can come see me for coaching and for all your oily needs, and as I believe, the two work really well together 😊

Watch this space for more info on my exciting next steps and if you want to explore what training to #becomeacoach can do for you as a career, or part of your existing business, call Momentum on 0210377289.

Their next Foundation Course starts next week with just a few spaces left! Could it be that it’s time for you to start life changing too?

P.S. I used a couple of words in this post I would like to explain!

*inlook – completely made this up, but feel only way to describe how I have looked deep into my soul for answers

**Recalibrated – totally thieved this from my course mate, Sherman. Such a good description of the way coaching evolves your beliefs and thought processes!

Much love X X