My Weight Loss Story

Written 3/04/2016

“12 weeks ago I was pretty bewildered as to how to get my body back in shape and my eating back on track after pregnancy.  I was 3 weeks post-partum, unmotivated and recovering from surgery after a third degree tear having my baby.  I had planned to get straight back into my Muay Thai kickboxing training to get my fitness back and work my way back to the ring, but my surgery had obstructed that idea, as I was very limited in my movement!  I felt quite depressed!

From a food point of view, having suffered awful morning sickness when I was pregnant I had gotten into bad habits. I had craved and eaten lots of simple carbs and sugar because for some weird reason it was all my body was asking for.  I had gone off salads, the idea of fish made me want to vomit. In fact all the things I had loved pre-pregnancy turned me green!  A very weird experience, which over 9 months had concreted some awful habits. I am pleased to say I have turned those around now!

My portion sizes follow TERRAfit’s guidelines and I’m satisfied and my snacking is nutritious and energy-boosting.  Instead of reaching for those simple carbs and sugar I am now completely refined-sugar free and craving smoothies and veggie sticks and taking time to plan my snacks, like yummy refined sugar free slices, bliss balls, muffins and biscuits, so that they are on hand during the week.  This has been good for my daughter also, who is also back to eating refined sugar free!  I am eating heaps of veg, when at the start of the challenge I was struggling to get one portion in, let alone 4!  I feel more energised and happier.

One of the big discoveries I made through the challenge was that I really needed to work on my emotions (which were driving some of my eating choices) and I have done this – by using my essential oils, trying to react in different ways and trying to remove the stresses that were rattling my emotions  in the first place and dedicating some time every day to me.

I have got up 5-6 days a week at 5am to do my workouts because I know this is the only time that I will have my hands free from my 16 week old and put my heart and soul into the TERRAfit workouts.  I have got up even when I have been tired and taken a NO EXCUSES attitude!  Regarding my goals, I have lost 7.5 pounds, which I am really pleased about, but I am more excited about the improvements in my strength and fitness!  I set myself this mad challenge along with one of myTERRAfit teammates to achieve a 5-minute plank and I achieved it!  I could only do 30 seconds at the start of my challenge!  I am now doing 38 pushups (up from 20 at the start of my challenge), 56 air squats (up from 38 at the start of my challenge), 82 sit ups (up from 63 at the start of my challenge) and a 2 minute 35 wall sit (also up from 30 seconds at the start of my challenge!!!)  My main goal was to be able to go back to my Muay Thai training and in the first week of month 3 I achieved it!  I am back doing my Muay Thai training once a week.  And I even have my eye on fighting again!

I really feel like a better version of me as my 12-week challenge comes a close. I am lighter, physically and mentally, full of energy and strong.  I am also in the good habit of getting up each morning to exercise and it’s not a chore at all!  My motivation is back!  And I have discovered an amazing way to eat, which nourishes my body in the way it needs.  I have learned so much in 12 weeks!  About clean foods, super foods, what foods work in what way for your body and I know which are the sensible choices!  My promise to myself as I close this challenge is to never take my new-found good health for granted and take what I have learned over the last 12 weeks and make it my permanent lifestyle and continue to share it with others! I am going on to do the 3-week Sprint tomorrow, just to spend time establishing the things that work for me, as I found I didn’t fully understand them until the 3rd month.   My focus for the next 3 weeks is not weight loss now, but muscle gain!  I want to be able to do the month 3 workouts with extra resistance (especially increasing my shoulder and tricep strength) and up the interval training from 30 seconds to 1 minute!

I think that is the final thing I want to say about TERRAfit and I say it with a smile!  In such a strong team of beautiful people with a coach dedicated to your progress you never stop inspiring and you never stop being inspired!”

TERRAfit v Weight Watchers

So, I posted on my personal Facebook page today the hash tag ‪#‎dontgetthatwithweightwatchers about the TERRAfit programme I am following and about to start coaching on Monday.  I was referring to the amazing HIIT workouts that you can incorporate as part of your plan.  I was singing their praises because they are making such a big difference to me.  This was met with the hash tag response #onesnotbetterthananother by a friend who is having great success with weight watchers coupled with her pre-pregnancy exercise routine, so I began to question “is it” and here is what I found…

ww v Terrafit


TERRAfit is certainly cheaper than Weight Watchers and you get more bang for your buck I think.  The points system is also very motivating.  You are working every day to hit 100 points (for cash incentives as well as reaching your body transformation goals), rather than eat within a budget.  You are being rewarded for making good choices.  I also think having the healthy food list, which encourages you to eat clean, whole foods is much better for making long-term sustainable changes than the “no food is off limits” ethic, which ultimately means you don’t get into the habit of finding alternatives to the foods that are ultimately bad for you.  I am not saying you will never treat yourself again, but after 12 weeks of alternatives new habits are formed and you may not want these foods again, which is ultimately better for you and will mean you keep your weight off!  Finally the exercise in the TERRAfit programme is a major advantage over Weight Watchers.  The workouts are structured in a way that they will transform your body and your fitness.  Unless you are committed to a good Strength, Conditioning and Cardio programme already, in my opinion, general exercise isn’t going to make such a big difference.

The disadvantage is that there is no face to face, but the online communication adequately makes up for this in my opinion.  Communication is a huge part of the TERRAfit programme.  Your coach communicates with you every day online, not just as part of a group, but directly if you have concerns or they can see your points are down.  They motivate you to do well and help you when you are struggling.

My friend very rightly also said, each to their own!  So read the comparison and make your own mind up 🙂  I welcome your thoughts!  Or if you want to know more about TERRAfit click here

Much Love

Clare x x