Christmas Gift Ideas for Mum (that’s you by the way ;) )

I bloody love Christmas!

I put up the Christmas tree yesterday with my little ones and we listened to Christmas music.  There is a real joy in giving at Christmas and this goes so much further than the presents under the Christmas Tree.  This year in Eden’s Advent Calendar we have included activities to spend time with each other, because in our busy lives that can get lost!

In the same way, as mums, we don’t necessarily gift ourselves with the soul-nourishing, heart cleansing, mind boosting gift of time and love for us enough because we always have others to give our time to!

So, this post is about YOU mum, and my recommendations of 5 gifts to you or any other mum who deserves some utter indulgent love <3!


Diffuser Necklace

Beautiful diffuser necklaces by Sandy Feet Jewellery. A great way to wear your doTERRA essential oils! ~Unique... like you. Can send internationally.


Essential Mum Natural Range


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Ethical Breastfeeding Scarves by Bon Baby

If you are breastfeeding and get challenged by the sun on baby’s head/ in baby’s eyes, or feel more comfortable covered up and want to do that in style, you have to get one of these gorgeous covers from Bon Baby!  You can even get a matching bib for bubs!

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And finally…

Three words… Decadent Rainbow Coloured Macarons.  Grab a box, put on a Christmas Movie and DON’T SHARE!

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Much Love,

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New Zealand Inspired Diffuser Blends – Get Yours For Your Special Mum! #MothersDay

If you are looking for inspiration for Mother’s Day, look no further!  I have created the perfect gift for New Zealand Mums, to show how much we adore them!  And this gift is not only unique and special, it’s functional!

Like a trip away can reinvigorate the mind and body when you start to feel fatigued by life, these essential oil blends can recreate this benefit and trigger fond memories of the places, smells and experiences from around New Zealand that we love!

Used aromatically essential oils can:

  • Improve mood
  • Relieve stress and tension
  • Relax the body
  • Improve memory and focus
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Support the immune system
  • Clean and purify the air

So check these out!  Buy your essential oils at retail price here or check out at the end of the blog how you can open a wholesale account wiith me to enjoy a 25% discount

Lake Taupo

lake taupo

Energizing to the mind, yet relaxing to the body

Will provide stabilization, grounding and security to your being, physically and emotionally!

For the mum that likes the fresh mountain air and a good view

Essential Oils you need

cedarwooddouglas fir


Wellness Retreat

wellness retreat 3

Cleanse and purify; help reduce mental and physical fatigue; promote a positive mood; uplift the mind and body; reduce stress and tension; lessen anxious feelings and increase confidence!

For the mum that needs a pick me up

Essential Oils you need

wild orangebergamotlemon


Omahu Valley

omahu valley

Elevate your mood, reduce stress and leave your home smelling like a citrus wonderland!

Also, experience the health benefits of cinnamon, like a healthy metabolic function and immune system.

Essential Oils you need



love hearts

Show yourself some love with this popular proprietary blend from dōTERRA.

Essential Oils you need

Serenity  is perfect for stress, calming and relaxation!


Tawharanui Beach


Ever feel like you need to fly away to an exotic island? White sand, blue water, sea breeze?  Your happy place? A sweet cocktail?

These luxurious essential oils will take you away in your mind, while your body unwinds from within.  Ginger has been called the “oil of empowerment”; creating an inner fire and strength!  Come back from your happy place revitalised with this blend.

Essential Oils you need

ylangwild orangeginger.jpg


Manuka Honey


Support a healthy immune function and cardiovascular health, purify the air, uplift the mind and body, and promote feelings of warmth and well-being with this sweet blend.

Essential Oils you need

wild orangecinnamonclove


Nelson Break Away


Imagine sitting on a balcony with the warm sun that Nelson is famous for on your face, with your favorite drink and the succulent smells of food cooking indoors.  This blend is warm, uplifting and will support emotional and spiritual balance. In fact, this delightful mix will demonstrates how Nature herself can help our body find balance as a whole.  Inspired by Greens Motel in Nelson.  Essential Oils you need
71uw40JWfkL._SY355_ylangwild orange


To buy your Mother’s Day gift at a 25% discount you can join dōTERRA as a wholesale member for one year.  This will save you 25% on all their wonderful products, every time you buy!  Sign up is easy.  Click here and fill in your details.  You can select the Introductory Packet US$35 to buy your membership and build your own first order from the oils above, or you can purchase a custom dōTERRA kit and save on both the oils and the membership cost (it comes free with these handy starter sets!)

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