Carrie… On Coaching

“Clare supported me on a rollercoaster journey of self discovery, and provided a safe and supportive environment where I was able to face up to hard facts about how out of balance my life had become.  She helped me to find the courage to do something about it.  I let go of others’ expectations and things that I was doing more out of duty than enjoyment and created a vision for a future I was excited about.  Clare gave me the tools and motivation to pursue that vision and the clarity to see what steps I needed to take for it to become a reality.  And here I am 4 months later still full of excitement and about to launch a company!  Now when I feel any part of my life taking over (as is bound to happen when juggling a new business, young children and life in general) I think back to my sessions with Clare and use the techniques she used to help me find my balance again.  I will be forever grateful to Clare, Essential Mum – Life Transformation Coach as without her I may never have known what true fulfilment felt like!”